Tuesday, October 4, 2011


I recently noticed many of the retro blogs are participating in something called Countdown to Halloween. Their post will be related to Halloween from now until October 31st. All I can say is "Count me in!" As many long time readers know, Halloween is my favorite holiday. Unfortunately, many cranky, idiot adults in the Ozarks are "ginst" Halloween. There are usually two or three letters to the editor in the News Leader by the anti-Halloween, anti-fun coalition here in the Ozarks.
I can also tell you from experience that being a "monster kid" in the Ozarks is rough. Growing up, I was constantly lectured by all the cranky adults on how I shouldn't like "monster stuff." They wanted me to bail hay, hunt and kill defenseless animals, and listen to country music.
That is why I plan to participate in this Countdown to Halloween blogging. It is a good way to upset Ozarkers. Besides nothing about Halloween could be as scary as the Letters to the Editor in the News Leader. Monday's News Leader featured two goofy gems. One advocates book banning and the other blaming TV for crime. What decade is this?

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