Sunday, August 25, 2013


If you grew up in the Ozarks between the 50s and 80s, you will remember The Children's Hour. The longest host was "Aunt" Norma Champion. Here is a great video KYTV's Ed Filmer made for the 60th anniversary of KYTV Channel 3. The link below will take you to it.
Remembering KY3's Aunt Norma and The Children's Hour


The whole furrier over Ben Affleck being selected to play Batman in an upcoming movie reminds me of  a tiny blog post I made on the old blog that attracted some hatred on a minor national scale, rather than local Springfield/Ozarks hatred that I usually faced at that time.

I saw on another website some photos "preview" photos of the late Heath Ledger's makeup for the up coming Batman film The Dark Knight. It wasn't like the hardened grin of Jack Nicholson or even the clown face over a mustache like Cesar Romero, it was just gobbed and smeared on his face like a child playing the Joker to his next door neighbors Batman in the backyard.

The post was simple. You can read it here: I THINK THE DARK KNIGHT WILL SUCK. In this post I said two things that upset extreme Batman fanatics.
  1. I didn't like Frank Miller's Dark Knight comic books.
  2. I like the 1966 TV show Batman and the full length movie that featured the cast.

During that time, I was always surprised when I got a response outside of Springfield, Missouri. A comment was posted by a person who called himself "andrew." Not sure who he was but he claimed to be an assistant on The Dark Knight set (Yeah right!). He was not very happy with me. So, of course, I had to make fun of this guy on the blog. Here is the post: I UPSET A COMIC BOOK GEEK AND I STILL THINK THE DARK KNIGHT WILL SUCK.

I should point out that I had to stop allowing comments on the old blog in 2009, due to spam by get-rich-quick websites and some Libertarian guy who was planing to run for president in 2012. When I stopped the comments, the previous comments were no longer shown on the blog. Not sure why, but I still have access them through the Blogger dashboard. Here is the complete text of "andrew's" rant.

"Um i might be late on this comment but i came across your site and read what you have to say about the dark knight. First of all you may be suffering from being a douche bag. 2nd read a book and read history on wha batman is really suppose to be because nolan has figured it out. Burtons batmans were great then ruined by the next two obviously. The darkness is finally back with batman begins and the dark knight. i work for warner bro's as a PA, and ledgers makeup is supreme to what it is suppose to be. He is scarred in actuality, and the makeup just adds to the image because he obviously puts it on himself, he does not care what it looks like. Get your head out of your ass and go make some more web sites that just makes you sound ignorant and un educated. Yes i do study film, and you may not nonethelss, go watch the trailer again because you really need to if you took the time to make this website, and by the way did you try and justify the 60's batman show somehow?"

The first thing I noticed, that I mentioned in my blog response, is "andrew" apparently didn't know how to use capital letters.

With in a short time, the original blog post made the rounds of the fanatical Batman fans on the web. It was at one point the most read post on my blog. I even had my own thread on IMDB (That was removed for some reason). So, I decided to to be fair and go see The Dark Knight.

You must know something about me, I don't think I have ever hated a movie I saw at a movie theater. Only about two or three, but I just think that going to a movie theater is a special occasion.

Now for the irony of the original post; I saw The Dark Knight TWICE! The first time was at a Springfield movie theater. After that, I wrote this post: I DIDN'T LIKE THE DARK KNIGHT (but it didn't suck as bad as I thought it would). After that, I went to a drive-in at Aurora, Missouri, with some family members. I hadn't been to a drive-in since I was small, so I thought it would be great to go with them. The movies on the double feature was Babylon A.D. and (You guest it) The Dark Knight. Remember what I said earlier about not hating a movie I saw at a theater, well, Babylon A.D, was the only one I hated. It was confusing and Vin Diesel can't act. After sitting through Babylon A.D, I began to realize I HATED THE DARK KNIGHT! It was just a obnoxious and overblown action film with people dressed as characters from the Batman comic book.

At least two people posted comments agreed with me. A person named Eduardo posted this comment:
"You are entitled to like the old Batman. Although this is a new Batman supposed to be taken from the "The Dark Knight Returns" comic book series which relaunched the character in the 80's. What I think is lacking from the Christopher Nolan films is the atmosphere which was achieved by Tim Burton's first two Batman Films from 1989 and 1990. For me, personally, those were the best achievements of Batman on film, period. They struck a balance between looking like comic books, but looking serious nonetheless. The new film looks more like a Michael Mann film (ie. Heat) for the exterior scenes, there is not enough atmosphere. Gotham, usually a character by itself in all of the previous films, takes a back seat on this one. However, what I believe is that each generation gets their own "revamped" version of Comic Book or literary classics. For those who grew up in the 60's, the TV Batman by Adam West is the ultimate "archetype" of the character, for the children of the 80's its either the Dark Knight or Michael Keaton."
My favorite was from a person named Mike:
I agree that this movie looks terrible mostly because of the Joker's makeup. The joker is too vein to leave his house looking like a piece of street trash. Nice concept but you guys ruined the look of the character which is basically the most important part. Batman's outfit looks terrible and the joker looks terrible. It would be easy for anyone to play the Joker, he's an iconic character. Hopefully next time he hits the big screen they don't make him look homeless.
After that I found that there a have been several websites pop-up that not only point out what is wrong with The Dark Knight, but are called "The Dark Knight Sucks" or something to that extent. My favorite is a post on The Rawness blog.

The thing about the old blog is when I made many of the post, I was demonized as a horrible person who should be executed as an "enemy combatant" (Another Ozarks blogger actually called me that). Since that time, I've found that many of the positions I held were the right ones and the people and things I poked fun at deserved to be made fun of. Case in point: Many of the local talk radio people in town that I poked fun of was championing a former SMSU/MSU student who was suing the school because she claimed the students harassed her and the teachers failed her for not compromising her religious beliefs. One of our local talk radio show host (Thank God, he is no longer on the air) suggested that the buildings on campus be set on fire and the students and faculty be shot as they exited the buildings. A friend of mine on Facebook was a student in that department at the time. She and several other classmates had a discussion going on Facebook about this plaintiff and the lawsuit this week. Apparently, this person didn't work will with the other students...when she came to class. Also several mentioned she didn't have to be "the topic group" she said "harassed" her. As one person said, "The media never asked us about what happened or what she was like to work with."

But then again the people who hated the old blog are the ones who put up websites or adorn there Facebook sites with pictures of the President Photoshoped with the bad makeup job Heath Ledger wore in The Dark Knight.

My opinions are why I'm considered the Super Villain of the Ozarks!!! Mwu-HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!     

Julie Harris Dies

Julie Harris Obit from NY Times

Julie Harris with two of my heroes: James Dean & Tarzan.

Wednesday, August 21, 2013


It is back to school time, so I decided to look at my two favorite movies about high school: 1955's Rebel Without a Cause and 1986's Ferris Bueller's Day Off. There are basically two kinds of high school movies: 50s "juvenile delinquent" films and 80s teen comedies. When it comes to the later, John Hughes (Director and writer of FBDO) was to teen comedies, what John Ford was to the Western.

These two movies are the best examples of both of those kinds of high school movies and polar opposites of each other. One is a heavy drama, inspired by a non-fiction book by a psychologist and the other is a comical farce about a kid, with a habit of skipping school, being pursued by an obsessive principal.

These movies have staying power because they have managed to stay current through the next generations.
Rebel was far ahead of its time. It deals with problems, such as the "new kids in school," underage drinking, bullying, gangs, sexual orientation, animal abuse, abusive parents, abusive relationships, reckless driving, gun violence, cranky adults, school brown-nosers and over-zealous cops. Ferris Bueller is a brighter world, but every generation encounters boring teachers, school rules, gossip, loquacious stoners, mean principals, jealous siblings, snooty waiters and borrowing a parents car without permission.

One thing that makes these films transcend generations and universal is the fact that they are average kids. Not popular preppies or jocks, just kids. Not a caricature of what an adult believes a kid is like or something to be ridiculed, but the kids in both films are humans with dignity.

However, it is the overall theme that connects these two movies and have made them popular after the number of years since first released (Rebel will soon be 60 years old, Ferris is over 20 years old) is the theme of freedom, something all teenagers long for. The freedom to be yourself and escape a structured environment. Ferris, Cameron and Sloane skip school and go into the city, whereas Jim, Judy and Plato take refuge in an abandoned mansion.  

What I identify with in these films is Jim Stark's need to find friends and a sense of comfort away from bullies and his bickering parents. I identify with Ferris on an intellectual level. He seems to be smarter than the adults in his world and I have always thought I was smarter than most of the people I encounter. His philosophy on life is similar to mine.
It is unusual that two movies, made 30 years apart, could become iconic rites of passage for young people.

"If I had one day when I didn't have to be all confused and I didn't have to feel that I was ashamed of everything. If I felt that I belonged someplace. You know?" Jim Stark - Rebel Without a Cause.

"Life moves pretty fast. If you don't stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it." Ferris Bueller - Ferris Bueller's Day Off.


Sunday, August 18, 2013


I loved college and have written about it on the old blog. When I entered college at Southwest Missouri State University, the buzz word in Billboard and Rolling Stone was "college radio was going to be the next big trend in radio." Eventually, the industry changed the name of it to alternative radio and made the stupid mistake of putting emphasis on country and talk radio, which about killed the industry by driving away the young listeners.

Let me take you back to my college days with the great music of that time (in no particular order). Some of these were around since junior high and elementary school, but they weren't considered cool until we were in college. Along the way, I may throw in some mainstays of the college party culture.

Unfortunately, I'm not sure what the college freshman are listening to this year. It may blow what we liked out of the water. I probably should check it out. I'm not one of those old curmudgeons who complain about modern music and believe young people are stupid.

"Like the Weather" - 10,000 Maniacs
"The One I Love" - REM
"Love Will Tear Us Apart" - Joy Division
"I'm Gonna Be (500 Miles)" - The Proclaimers
"Talk To Ya Later" - The Tubes
"Pretty In Pink" - Psychedelic Furs
"Talk Talk" - Talk Talk
"25 O'clock" - The Dukes of the Stratosphere
"Just Like Heaven" - The Cure
"Loaded" - Primal Scream
"Eye of Fatima" - Camper Van Beethoven
"Musique Non Stop" - Kwaftwerk
"Cool Places" - Sparks with Jane Wielden
"Epic" - Faith No More
"I Melt With You" - Modern English
"Can Your Pussy Do The Dog?" - The Cramps
"Sheena Is a Punk Rocker" - The Ramones
"Victoria" - The Fall
"Tower of Strength" - The Mission
"Under the Milky Way" - The Church
"I Wanna Be Sedated" - The Ramones
"Hey Jealousy" - The Gin Blossoms
"Knock Me Down" - Red Hot Chili Peppers
"I Don't Like Mondays" - The Boomtown Rats
"A Girl In Trouble" - Romeo Void
"Love Buzz" - Nirvana
"Anarchy in the UK" - The Sex Pistols
"About a Girl" - Nirvana
"Eloise" - The Damned
"Ship of Fools" - World Party
"Indian Giver" - The Ramones
"That Is Why" - Jellyfish
"Balloon Man" - Robyn Hitchcock & the Egyptians
"Orange Crush" - REM
"Bela Lugosi's Dead" - Bauhaus
"World Shut You Mouth" - Julian Cope
"Greenback Dollar" - Washington Squares
"I Wanna Be Adored" - The Stone Roses
"Rock and Roll" - Velvet Underground
"1976" - Redd Kross
"Baby Baby" - The Vibrators
"I Want to Help You Ann" - The Lyres
"Goo Goo Muck" - The Cramps
"Hey St. Peter" - Flash & the Pan
"What's Inside a Girl" - The Cramps
"Buried Alive" - The Lyres
"Happy Hour" - The Housemartins
"Euro-Trash Girl" - Cracker
"All Come True" - World Party
"Strangelove"- Depeche Mode
"Blister In the Sun" - Violent Femmes
"I'm Not Your Stepping Stone" - The Sex Pistols
"So Alive" - Love & Rockets
"This Beat Goes On/Switching To Glide" - the Kings
"Gone Daddy Gone" - Violent Femmes
"Birdhouse in Your Soul" - They Might Be Giants
"Echo Beach" - Martha & the Muffins
"What Girls Want" - Material Issue
"Private Idaho" - The B-52s
"Personal Jesus" - Depeche Mode
"No Rain" - Blind Melon
"Someday Someway" - Marshal Crenshaw
"What I Am" - Edie Brickle & the New Bohemians
"Rough Night In Jericho" - Dreams So Real
"Girl of My Dreams" - Bram Tchaikovsky
"No Fun" - The Stooges
"Charlotte's Remains" - The Fuzztones
"The Good Life" - Fire Town
"Cuts You Up" - Peter Murphy
"Blood & Roses" - The Smithereens
"Ashes To Ashes" - David Bowie
"Istanbul (Not Constadinople)" - They Might Be Giants
"It's the End of the World (As We Known It)" - REM
"TV Eye" - The Stooges
"Behind the Wall of Sleep" - The Smithereens
"Walk On By" - The Stranglers
"Step On You" - The Happy Mondays
"I Can't Stand It Anymore" - Velvet Underground
"Mayor of Simpleton" - XTC
"Smells Like Teen Spirit" - Nivana
"Low" - Cracker
"Hazy Shade of Winter" - The Bangles

And for the Animal House fans:

"Fight For You Right" - The Beatsie Boys
"Funky Cold Medina" - Tone Loc
"Bust a Move" - Young MC
"Me So Horny" - 2 Live Crew
"Mony Mony" Billy Idol
 "What I Like About You" - The Romantics
"Shout" - Isley Brothers
"Louie Louie" - The Kingsmen


Thursday, August 15, 2013

Blue Oyster Cult keyboardist Allen Lanier dead at 67

Blue Oyster Cult keyboardist Allen Lanier dead at 67

I felt I should post an obit for Mr. Lanier, since the name and original concept for "Desdinova the Super Villain of the Ozarks" comes from the Desdinova songs recorded by Blue Oyster Cult.


This is going to be an odd post. This may dip into the nasty political waters of the old blog, but I hope to steer clear of that mess.

I received an e-mail from yesterday. Here is what it said:

"Greetings from the Amazon Associates Program.

We are writing from the Amazon Associates Program to notify you that your Associates account will be closed and your Amazon Services LLC Associates Program Operating Agreement will be terminated effective August 27, 2013. This is a direct result of the unconstitutional Missouri state tax collection legislation passed by the state legislature and signed by Governor Nixon on July 5, 2013, with an effective date of August 28, 2013. As a result, we will no longer pay any advertising fees for customers referred to an Amazon Site after August 27 nor will we accept new applications for the Associates Program from Missouri residents.

Please be assured that all qualifying advertising fees earned prior to August 28, 2013 will be processed and paid in full in accordance with your regular advertising fee schedule. Based on your account closure date of August 27, 2013, any final payments will be paid by October 31, 2013.

While we oppose this unconstitutional state legislation, we strongly support the federal Marketplace Fairness Act now pending before Congress. Congressional legislation is the only way to create a simplified, constitutional framework to resolve interstate sales tax issues and it would allow us to re-open our Associates program to Missouri residents.

We thank you for being part of the Amazon Associates Program, and look forward to re-opening our program when Congress passes the Marketplace Fairness Act.


The Amazon Associates Team"

Am I upset about this? No. Why? Let me explain:

I understand the reasoning behind the legislation. I usually think everything the Missouri Legislature does is stupid, however, this is something I agree with.

If Missouri is the only state that is now requiring state sales tax on on-line sales, why ban everyone from Missouri from the Amazon Associates sales program? Childish if you ask me.

The main reason this doesn't upset me...I HAVEN'T SOLD A DAMN THING SINCE I HAVE BEEN WITH THE AMAZON ASSOCIATES PROGRAM. I started using the program with this blog because of the nature of the content. I thought it would be a great way to direct people to find songs to download or DVDs of movies and TV shows. I was especially impressed by the MP3 download widget. I loaded it with the more obscure songs mentioned here.

Nobody downloaded a song or bought a DVD. According to my stats, only 40 percent of refereals came from my sight.

I also had trouble with some of the linking and codes. They caused problems with the post structure and became time consuming. I tried to contact Amazon about this, but I couldn't find a direct way to talk to a tech person. The only resource was to "post on a message board," which for some reason wouldn't allow me to register even though I was an associated.

Another widget was supposed to update automatically with offers on merchandise related to the post on the blog. This widget didn't update very often. At first I was okay with it, because it showed some 80s hit compilations. After I had a post where I said The Man From UNCLE was cooler than 24, it showed Man from UNCLE and 24 DVDs. That was okay. Since January, when I posted an obit for actor Conrad Bain, it has showed nothing but Conrad Bain related merchandise. Not items people are clamoring to buy.

So, Amazon Associates, I'm not going to miss you, because you really haven't done anything for me. To quote the Boyce and Hart song "You can't lose a friend you never had."  

Monday, August 12, 2013

Actor Henry Polic II passes away at 68

'Webster' actor Henry Polic II passes away at 68

I want to point out that The Monster Squad mentioned in Mr. Polic's obit is the 70s TV kid show (see photo below), not the 1987 movie. Henry Polic II played Dracula.

This show was a favorite of mine as a child. 

Friday, August 9, 2013


I hated to hear about the passing of radio personality Alex Stone. Alex was heard on many Springfield, Missouri radio stations such as KWTO-FM (99 Hit FM at the time), US 97, KGBX-FM, Hot 106.7, KOSP - Oldies 105.1, Mix/Magic 92.9 and B 95.5.

What I liked about Alex Stone, he didn't conform to the Ozarks style" or radio. He didn't try to sound like a hillbilly or a wimpy, hen-pecked husband.  Alex Stone sounded like a real big city Top 40 DJ - So Help Me, Real Don Steele!

I've linked to Ron Davis' Act Your Old Age blog. Ron worked with Alex at Radio 2000.


Thursday, August 8, 2013

Karen Black Dies at 74

I used the New York Times obit because it also mentions Airport 75, Trilogy of Terror, Invaders from Mars and House of 1,000 Corpses. I used this old Hanes ad from the 70s, because I have a "thing" for women in pantyhose.

I have a great book about 70s films called The Stewardess Is Flying the Plane. Karen Black's photo is on the cover.

Rick O'Shay cartoonist Stan Lynde dies at 81

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Cosmo Allegretti- Dennis from Captain Kangaroo Dies


Time for more Art/Craft vacuum form molds for plastic signs. This time it is humorous wall plaques. This was 1973 when Jesus freaks, hippies and the sexual revolution was the order of the day. You will notice that unlike the stuff you see on Facebook, these are very genteel, innocuous and childlike (especially the religious stuff). No strident agendas. Just laughs and smiles. Click on the image to enlarge.

What is supposed to be funny about "spicy" and "clout"? A little feminist religious humor at the top.

A black Klansman saying "Just passing thru?" Just the word "Disco?"

The gender sign gags are pretty funny.

Sadly, the Pollack joke was still alive at this time. 

No look at 70's posters or plaques would be complete without "Keep on Truckin."

Before Facebook, it was okay to say you hate work.

Smiley faces, peace signs and the "one way" finger.
 I believe "Go To Hell"  and "sit On It" are the meanest statements on any of these. The one with the drunk cat is clever.
Nice and gentle religious messages.

Followed by dirty sex.

Saturday, August 3, 2013


Among his most famous roles were Cochise in the TV version of Broken Arrow,

Blue Djinn on I Dream of Jeannie (He was married to Barbara Eden),

Qarlo in the Outer Limits episode "Soldier"

and Kang the Klingon on Star Trek.

Friday, August 2, 2013


Last week, I gave you a list of fuzztone guitar hits. Since I believe in fairness and diversity (I know that is a dirty word here in Springfield, Mo, but that is why like to use it), I thought I would give the wah-wah pedal the same treatment. The title of this post comes from the fact that "Cry Baby" is the name of a popular brand of wah-wah pedal.

A quick history of wah-wah pedal: It was inspired by trumpeter Clyde McCoy's hit "Sugar Blues." An extra bit of 3-degree-separation-type trivia, "Sugar Blues" was written by jazz musician Clarence Williams, who was the grandfather of actor Clarence Williams III of The Mod Squad. Clarence Williams III played Prince's father in Purple Rain and Prince's hit "Kiss" is included on this list.

As with fuzztone, some of the early wah-wah experiments were performed by Chet Adkins in country music.The first wah-wah pedal was marketed in 1966. A short time later, Clyde McCoy endorsed a brand of wah-wah pedal with his name (and face) on it, since he was the inspiration for the wah-wah sound. The "Cry Baby" came around a short time later.

I was surprised to find out some things about wah-wah guitar. Unlike fuzztone, wah-wah is not been as prevalent in music as the fuzztone guitar. Fuzztone has been used on rhythm guitar and on bass guitar, so it has been worked into many songs since it was popularized by the Rolling Stones on "Satisfaction."

While an out growth of the psychedelic and progressive rock of the 60s, wah-wah has been most prominent in funk and disco, as well as, movie and TV scores of the 70s. Of those, genres the wah-wah appears in detective/cop shows, Black-exploitation films and X-rated adult movies.

I also found a difference, compared to fuzztone, when people listed the best or greatest wah-wah. There was no similarities or agreement on list of "great moments" in fuzztone guitar, but there seemed to be almost universal agreement on the "greatest moments in wah-wah guitar." The top five on all of these list had Jimi Hendrix at number one with "Voodoo Chile (Slight Return)," Cream was at number two with "White Room" and rounding out the rest of the top five would be (different orders on different list) "Sweet Child O'Mine" by Guns N Roses, "Theme From Shaft" by Issac Hayes and "Enter the Sandman" by Metallica.

So here is some of the great moments in wah-wah guitar.

"Voodoo Chile (Slight Return)" - Jimi Hendrix Experience
"White Room" - Cream
"Sweet Child O'Mine" - Guns N Roses
"Theme from Shaft" - Issac Hayes
"Enter the Sandman" - Metallica
"Stand" - R.E.M.
"Electric Funeral" - Black Sabbath
"Kiss" - Prince & the Revolution
"1969" - the Stooges
"25 or 6 to 4" - Chicago
"Peace Frog" - The Doors
"Papa Was a Rolling Stone" - The Temptations
"Walk Away" - James Gang
"Tell Me Something Good" - Rufus
"Crimson and Clover" (LP version) - Tommy James & the Shondells
"My Home is in Alabama" - Alabama
"Night Fever" - Bee Gees
"Free Ride" - Edgar Winter Group
"Children of the Sun" - Billy Thorpe
"Show Me the Way" - Peter Frampton
"1976" - Redd Kross
"Rubber Bullets" - 10CC
"Play That Funky Music" - Wild Cherry
"We're an American Band' - Grand Funk Railroad
"Theme of Foxy Brown" - Willie Hutch
"Pictures of Matchstick Men" - Status Quo
"Theme from S.W.A.T" - Rhythm Heritage
"1984" - David Bowie
"Back To the River" - Damnation of Adam Blessing
"Hope You're Feeling Better" - Santana
"No Opportunity Nessesary, No Experience Needed" - Yes
"Strawberry Letter 23" - Brothers Johnson
"Brick House" - The Commodors
"Your Mama Don't Dance" - Loggins & Messina
"Mama Can't Buy You Love" - Elton John
"Smiling Faces Sometimes" - The Undisputed Truth
"If Loving You Is Wrong (I Don't Want To Be Right)" - Luther Ingram
"Well All Right" - Blind Faith
"That Lady" - Isley Brothers
"Hot N Nasty" - Humble Pie
"I Just Want to Celebrate" - Rare Earth
"Spiders & Snakes" - Jim Stafford
"For The Love of Money" - O'Jays 
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