Wednesday, September 13, 2017


I wanted to let everyone who reads this blog to know that I plan to continue blogging. My time this spring and summer has been taken up by several activities.

INTERNET PROVIDER:  I also found out recently that I would have to switch Internet providers. I have had the same Internet provider since the 20th century (1999), but I was told they could no longer provide service to my area.

HEALTH: There have also been some problems with my health, namely as bad back and hip. I was taking physical therapy two times a day for most of the spring and early summer. Add to that some other problems (which are of a TMI nature), I have spent most of the summer in doctor's waiting rooms.

SCUMMY CLICKBAIT SITES STEALING FROM ME: It has come to my attention that some scummy clickbait sites are swiping some of my post, sometimes word for word, for their nasty little websites. I've tried to contact these website, but to no avail. Most click bait is sleezy as a used condom.

THE POLITICIZING OF "RETRO" & "NOSTALGIA": This bothers me more than anything. I switched from being a blog that talked about news & politics to a retro pop culture blog, because the writing a news & politics blog was leading to death threats and causing problems with my job. I was mocked on the Internet when I mentioned the threats of violence. It is why I have tried not to "reveal my true identity." This has been a controversy in the Springfield and Ozarks area, but I now have proof that it was a good idea.  Randy Turner, whose blogger I had a link to on the old blog, was attacked earlier this week by some who didn't like what he had posted.

I was seeing the nature of discussing politics becoming volatile and dangerous, so I became a retro blogger. Now, I'm seeing the discussion of retro pop culture becoming to political too. I recently saw an article on the ME-TV website about Highlights Magazine and most of the comments were from idiots bashing gays, African Americans and Millennials. These comments had nothing to do with Highlights Magazine. ME-TV should remove them, but I've said the same thing about the disgusting stuff people post on videos on YouTube of old TV shows and music. I'm tired of seeing comments like, "This was back in the good old days when there were a bunch of n***ers and qu**rs on TV" or "This is what the J**s use to brainwash our children."

My reason for creating a retro blog was to give younger people information on music, movies and TV of the past. When I was younger, information on this stuff was hard to come by or in expensive books. Other adults were useless, because they wanted to get on a soapbox and lecture me about how I shouldn't be interested in pop culture. That is why I don't bash young people or Millennials. I've found, thanks to Tumblr, that Millennials are VERY interested in the older pop culture and how it connects to the current pop culture.

Now for some good news:

I'M ON TUMBLR: Tumblr is my new addiction. What I do over there is not earthshaking, I basically reblog pictures and add funny captions. If you like my sarcastic humor, then follow me on Tumblr.

CONSIDERING A DIFFERENT FORMAT TO THE PODCAST: I'm considering creating a podcast that is a discussion with a colleague/family member. We just need to right equipment.

GETTING READY FOR COUNTDOWN TO HALLOWEEN: My favorite time of the year. There have been several times I have had ideas for a post and then thought, "No, I'll save that for Countdown To Halloween."

Trust me, I have tons of stuff, I've been wanting to post, but haven't had the time. Hopefully, I can share some of the fun stuff from the past that is cluttering up my apartment right now.


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