Wednesday, May 25, 2011


I've tried to stay away from the anything on this new blog that could cause me to receive the hate and bile slung at me by Ozarkers on my previous blog. However, this post will do it.
Since I was a child, there has been one TV show that I have passionately disliked. It is the Waltons. Recently this show has reared its ugly head again on the Hallmark Channel (Does the Hallmark Channel have ANY GOOD SHOWS ON?) . I recently caught both my sister and nephew watching the reruns of The Waltons one afternoon. The bad part they were enjoying them! I suffered through them, but realized that even now, at age 41, I cannot stomach this show. UGH!

Here are some of the factors that make the Waltons more enjoyable for me:
  1. The female cast members are not sexy. They also don't dress sexy. 
  2. The dialog is rather dry. No double entendres, sexual induiondo or even snappy comebacks. It is just lame.
  3. I hate people in overalls. Nuff said!
  4. There was no cool vehicle. No Batmobile, Black Beauty, General Lee, KITT, UNCLE car, TARDIS or Woody(from the Mod Squad). All the Waltons had was that old truck.
  5. Would it have killed them to have had a funny or killer robot in the show? How about a gay character? Or better yet a gay robot? How about "very special episode" where a killer robot ripped off Jim Bob's arm?
  6. This show was in desperate need of a guest appearance by Morgan Fairchild.
  7. The music on the show is dull. At the sake of being anachonistic, they could have put in some heavy metal, prog rock or funk in the background.
  8. The thing that really bothers me is how everyone on Waltons Mountain seems to think it is so great that John Boy likes to write. I have been writing stories since I was eight years old and nobody in Lebanon, MO every gave me any encouragement.
Part of my problem with this TV show from the 70s (and Little House on the Prairie) is that adults always threw it up to me that this was  "better" than the TV shows I liked. It wasn't just Ozarkers saying silly stuff like this. President George H. W Bush said The Waltons was better than The Simpsons. What did he know! The Simpsons have lasted longer than The Waltons. Nya-nya-nya-nya-nya!
This same thing goes on today with some of the stupider people here in the Ozarks. They get mad at me when I say I prefer MTV to Fox News or would rather spend an evening with Paris Hilton and Kim Kardashian than Sarah Palin and Sarah Steelman.
The funny thing is The Waltons creator, Earl Hamner Jr., wrote several episodes of one of my favorite shows, the Twilight Zone.
Best way to end this is with Mad Magazines obituary for John Boy. It would have made a fitting end to The Waltons, unfortunatly they didn't use it in the final episode.
Of course, opinions, like this one, is why I'm considered the Super Villain of the Ozarks!!! Mwu-HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!


The best way to celebrate than with the magazine named after one of his songs, Rolling Stone. Bob, may you remain forever young.

I'll forgo expressing my thoughts on how people who hate Bob Dylan's music should be rounded up and tortured by the government. My opinions are why I'm considered the Super Villain of the Ozarks!!! Mwu-HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!

Tuesday, May 17, 2011


I collect various artist compilation of the 70s and 80s. These were the forerunner of today's Now That's What I Call Music and Totally Hits CDs. Most of them were put out by K-Tel, others by Ronco and a few were by Tee Vee Records.
I purchased one at Heartland Antique Mall in Lebanon over the weekend. This one is odd. It is a 1978 Tee Vee compilation called Cutting Loose.

The track listing is:

Samantha Sang – Emotion
Atlanta Rhythm Section–So Into You
Tina Charles–I Love To Love
Three Degrees-When Will I See You Again
Bachman-Turner Overdrive-You Ain't Seen Nothing Yet
Gloria Gaynor–Never Can Say Goodbye
Jim Stafford–Wildwood Weed
Lou Rawls–Natural Man
KC & The Sunshine Band-Keep It Coming Love
The Emotions–Best Of My Love
David Soul-Don't Give Up On Us Baby
Lighthouse–Pretty Lady
Righteous Brothers-You've Lost That Lovin' Feelin'
Joe Simon–Get Down, Get Down
Lou Christie-Lightnin' Strikes
Eric Burdon & The Animals–San Franciscan Nights
Rod Stewart–Maggie May
Atlanta Rhythm Section-Imaginary Lover

Granted most of these compilation, as with their current counterparts, have a wide variety of current hits on them. Most of the songs on this LP are within four years of 1978. Two, "Maggie May" and "Natural Man" are from 1970/71, but both Rod Stewart and Lou Rawls were having hits in 1978, so we can overlook their inclusion. Now what is odd is the inclusion of "Lightning Strikes" and "You've Lost That Lovin' Feelin" (both from 1966)  and "San Franciscan Nights" (from 1967).
Now for the other odd thing about this: the pretty girl on the cover. On the back, she is smiling at us while she paints a rainbow down the center of the road. On the front, is a view of her cute derriere in denim cutoffs. On closer examination we find that our sexy cover model is apparently incontinent. I thought that was the roughed up copy I got maybe had something spilled on it, but them I saw the photo of the cover on Disc Dogs and it too looks like she had some sort of "embarrassing little accident" in her tight cutoff shorts. So why did they release the cover that way? Would it have cost that much to either airbrush that out or re-shoot the photo after she changed her pants? Did she sue them after the record was released or die from embarrassment? Did wet or mess her pants, because an 18 wheeler nearly run over her while she was painting the rainbow down the center of the high way? Too many unanswered questions.


I finally had a childhood dream of mine come true. I saw the Batmobile from the Batman TV series up close. Some of you may remember that my love of the Batman TV show upset some little dork, who preferred the Dark Knight, on the other blog,


HOORAY!!! Someone finally posted a longer version of this popular Keep America Beautiful PSA that ran on Saturday morning cartoons and kids shows in the 70's. For years, all we could see of this was the eleven second version. Keep America Beautiful also ran an eleven second version of their more popular "Crying Indian" PSA. Supposedly there is an even longer version of this PSA. I hope someone can find it.


Monday, May 16, 2011


One of my favorite websites is ARSA - The Airheads Radio Survey Archive. This website is a collection of radio/record survey charts from the Golden Age of Rock and Roll Radio. A great research tool for anyone interested in the history of rock and roll, radio, pop culture and 20th Century history. I think it is sad that radio stations no longer give way regional record charts/playlist. It is great to see the difference between the radio station playlist/local sales charts and what Billboard said was popular.

Friday, May 13, 2011


I found these children's books in an antique store, here in Springfield, Mike's Unique. I bought them for my nephew's one year old son. He loves books with colorful pages and I like retro cartoon-related merchandise. The book based on Gerry and Sylvia Anderson's Fireball XL5 is part of the Little Golden Book series. Random House reprints many of the titles. Here is their website (and you can download an animated Poky Little Puppy for your computer). They obviously new the audience for a Fireball XL5 book might be kind of nerdy, so on the back there is a promotion for a series of Little Golden Science books.
The other book is by Whitman Publishing and is about King Leonardo. I should point out that even though Tudor the Turtle is on the back cover, he appears no where in the book.
Yes, you greatest fear has come true folks. Desdinova has become an old softy. As much as I hate to quote former President George H. Bush, you are seeing a "kinder, gentler" Desdinova.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011




Yep, that is Heather Locklear in the top photo.


Friday, May 6, 2011


My first set of twins on this new blog site. I kind of think Snooki from Jersey Shore bares a resemblance to Lulu from Hee Haw. Maybe it is just me.


Before you go see Thor at the movie theaters this week, take a moment to remember the 1966 syndicated TV cartoons.


I mentioned last week that I was going to change the focus of my blog. Since I began the Desdinova - Super Villain of the Ozarks blog, some have accused me of being mean spirited and vicious. Okay, it is true, but the people I "attacked" (my critics word, not mine) were typically meaner than me. They were people who put themselves on pedestal and then shot at the unarmed people below them. On the other hand, I liked to knock them off of their pedestals into a swimming pool filled with Jello. In other words, I wanted to have fun and make people laugh. Some don't find my humor funny and take what I say way to seriously. How serious? A friend of mine at Springfield Police Department tells me that they have had "concerned citizens" ask why they haven't arrested me.

Also, I got sick of the constant negativity and animosity I was exposed to in my last job. I decided to do something different with this blog. Yes, my trademark vicious humor will be apart of it, but it is also going to allow me to focus more on what I really like - pop culture.

Do I think people in the Ozarks will be offended by anything on this new blog? Yes, they will STILL BE OFFENDED!

Ozarkers will be offended by this blog for two reason:
  1. It will celebrate pop culture and having fun. Ozarkers hate pop culture and fun.
  2. It will feature my trademark vicious satirical humor and opinions. As you know, my opinions are why I'm considered the Super Villain of the Ozarks!!! Mwu-HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!

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