Wednesday, August 7, 2013


Time for more Art/Craft vacuum form molds for plastic signs. This time it is humorous wall plaques. This was 1973 when Jesus freaks, hippies and the sexual revolution was the order of the day. You will notice that unlike the stuff you see on Facebook, these are very genteel, innocuous and childlike (especially the religious stuff). No strident agendas. Just laughs and smiles. Click on the image to enlarge.

What is supposed to be funny about "spicy" and "clout"? A little feminist religious humor at the top.

A black Klansman saying "Just passing thru?" Just the word "Disco?"

The gender sign gags are pretty funny.

Sadly, the Pollack joke was still alive at this time. 

No look at 70's posters or plaques would be complete without "Keep on Truckin."

Before Facebook, it was okay to say you hate work.

Smiley faces, peace signs and the "one way" finger.
 I believe "Go To Hell"  and "sit On It" are the meanest statements on any of these. The one with the drunk cat is clever.
Nice and gentle religious messages.

Followed by dirty sex.

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