Tuesday, October 11, 2011

BEST OF DESDINOVA: Sarah Overstreet Needs to Get a Life!

NOTE: Before you read this post from May of 2007, I want to point out that while I often did not agree with former Springfield News Leader columnist Sarah Overstreet, I was not a Sarah Overstreet-hater. I later had a post in which I agreed with her on a need for improving the storm drainage system in Springfield. I also slammed the News Leader when the fired her. They basically replaced her and other journalist with a bunch of right-leaning simpletons, who get weekly rants on the editorial page. Unfortunately, when you Google Sarah Overstreet's name this article comes up.

I also want to mention that one of the articles I mention in the post was removed by the News Leader. I found someone named Jim Nasium (Now that's funny) copied and pasted it on this KC Chief's fan forum.

I fixed the photo of the poster of Andy Milligan's The Ghastly Ones. I also attached it to this post. Tomorrow, I will give you my opinion (Shock! Desdinova has an opinion!) on how a movie about this legend of the Springlawn Farm should be made.    

Desdinova - Super Villain of the Ozarks: Sarah Overstreet Needs to Get a Life!

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