Thursday, October 20, 2011


There are two kinds of bad movies. One features a cast of unknowns, who are struggling to make it, and then there are the movies, which famous people on the way down. Al Adamson was a master of the second kind of film and Dracula vs Frankenstein is the one of the latter. This movie was J. Carol Nash and Lon Chaney Jr. last movie roles. It also features Freaks star Alberto Rossitto, Hawaiian Eye star Anthony Eisley, Famous Monster editor Forrest Akerman and MGM musical star Russ Tamblyn. The only person who became a bigger star after this movie was Jim Davis, who went on to be Jock Ewing on Dallas, and future director Greydon Clark.

This movie features a Dracula that looks like a cross between Frank Zappa and Jerry Seinfield and speaks with an echo effect on his voice, a Frankenstein monster with a face made of Bisquick, a gang of bikers on minibikes and J. Carol Nash’s clicking false teeth. Other than some violent murders and a glimpse of a bare breast, this film seems like it might have been made for children. It was even rated PG (GP back in those days).

This is one of those bad movies that is fun to watch. What makes it fun is that it keeps moving at a brisk pace and the people in it are a mixture of good actors on the way down and incredibly bad actors. The slowest this film gets is when Anthony Eisley and actress Regina Carrol make out to some generic 70s soft rock song. It is actually less of a movie and more like a living horror comic book.

Dracula vs Frankenstein is crap, but it is good, fun crap.

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