Friday, October 21, 2011


On Halloween 1990, KYTV aired a great TV special called "Night Diary." It was hosted by the late Fred Schweitzer. For those who don't remember Fred Schweitzer, he was a commercial producer at KYTV. He also was an actor and writer. Many remember his portrayal of Wild Bill Hickok on the Park Central Square. His other famous character was a vampire named Robert Barlow. It was this persona that he used when hosting "Night Diary." Sadly, Schweitzer died suddenly in 1996. "Night Diary" was a collection of spooky legends and ghost stories from the Ozarks. It was apparently quite popular, because KY 3 rerun the special in October of 1993 and October of 1995. According to this website, there was a "Night Diary 2" that aired on Halloween 1994. I wish KYTV would either rerun these TV specials or post them on You Tube. It would be great if another generation could see these superb local productions.

PS: For those of you who don't remember Fred Schweitzer, there is a photo of him and his oddly decorated office on the KY3 Website.

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Unknown said...

My son and I have been trying for years to rewatch that show. But it looks as if somebody is intentionally blotting out information about it. Great show. We want everyone to see it.. maybe something on the show is being blocked. .

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