Monday, February 11, 2013

VALENTINE'S DAY CARTOON - Cupid Gets His Man (1936)

I may have mentioned it before, but I think some of my least favorite cartoons are the ones made by Van Beuren Studios. The early ones feature animals that all look exactly like Mickey Mouse (They even had Mickey and Minnie clone named Milton and Rita Mouse), most of the jokes go nowhere and there is usually a dose of either political incorrectness or vague sexual content. Here is a Van Beuren Studios cartoon that is actually fun. This one from their Rainbow Parade series features great artwork and design, fluid motion, an actual plot and humor that is closer to Warner Brothers cartoons with a mix of comical violence and pop culture references (A stork that talks like Major Bowes of Amateur Hour and a would-be couple that look and sound like W.C. Fields and Edna May Oliver). There is one bad African-American stereotype and comical yet disturbing sight on pants-less, genitalia-less male cupids.

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