Tuesday, February 5, 2013


This is the first I AM NOT ASHAMED playlist of 2013. I started this last summer after I read on some other websites where people had made playlist of "Guilty pleasures" in their Ipod and Itunes. These were songs they liked but were ashamed to admit it. My thought, contrary to what the liners of a radio station here in Springfield, Missouri says,  is that you shouldn't have to be "guilty" or "ashamed" of the music you like. WHAT MUSIC YOU LIKE IS YOUR BUSINESS AND NONE OF THE BUSINESS OF YOUR SNOOTY, SELF-RIGHTEOUS CO-WORKERS, GRANDMA OR JERK IN THE CAR NEXT TO YOU.

So here is a list of songs in my Ipod that some would say are un-cool or upset them in some way. Crank it up and tell people "IF IT IS TOO LOUD, YOU ARE TOO OLD!"

Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young  - "Woodstock"
Glen Campbell - "Rhinestone Cowboy"
The Rising Storm - "Frozen Laughter" (Spooky psychedelic masterpiece that opens with a woman saying, "Honey, is that you.")
Wham! - "Wake Me Up Before You Go-go"
Glen Shorrock - "Dream Lover"(A great cover of the Bobby Darin hit by the lead singer of Little River Band)
 Ian Hunter - "Ships" (Ian's original and much superior version of the song that would later be a hit for Barry Manilow)
The Sandford-Townsend Band - "Smoke From a Distance Fire" (One of the greatest one-hit wonders ever)
Barenaked Ladies - "One Week"
Jimmy Castor Bunch - "Troglodyte" (Her name was Bertha - Bertha Butt-one of the Butt Sisters)
Monifah - "Touch It"
Billy Abbott and the Jewles - "Hey Good Lookin!" (An upbeat R&B-Doo Wop version of a Hank Willaims song)
Brian Hyland - "Gypsy Woman"
Rick Springfield - "Jessie's Girl"
First Class - "Beach Baby" (British studio group doing a killer Beach Boys imitation)
T. Rex - "Ride The White Swan" (Many old T-40 radio stations playlist played this, but it didn't make the Billboard Top 40. An upbeat radio-friendly rocker from 1970.)
Pink Lady - "Kiss In The Dark" (Great disco hit from a sexy female duo from Japan..Yes, I watched their short lived TV variety show when i was a little kid.)  
Cycle V - "Blood From a Stone" (Great song from the soundtrack of the 80s rerelease of Metropolis.)
The Cyrkle - "Turn Down Day" (Summer-sunshine pop)
Elton John - "Mama Can't Buy Your Love"
Clarence Clemmons (w/Jackson Browne) - "You Are a Friend of Mine"
Asia - "Only Time Will Tell"
The Fuzztones - "Charlotte's Remains" (Late 80s-Paiseley Underground-Garage Band song about murdering a wicked chick)
Albert Hammond - "It Never Rains In Southern California"
Little Anthony & The Imperials - "Shimmy Shimmy Ko-Ko Bop"
Nick Gilder - "Hot Child in The City"
The Dillards - "There Is a Time" (Folk-bluegrass group from Salem, Mo, who played The Darling boys on the Andy Griffith Show. This song has been covered by several Goth bands.)
Roger Miller - "My Uncle Used To Love Me But She Died"
Episode Six - "Love Hate Revenge" (Ian Gillian and Roger Glover of Deep Purple were in this group)
Pilot - "Just a Smile" (From the group who gave us "Magic")
Blondie - "Rapture" (This was the first rap song many of us white kids in the Midwest heard-Not the best Blondie song, but fun to listen to.)
Sniff n The Tears - "Driver's Seat"

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