Saturday, December 24, 2011


I featured these in 2008 on the old blog. The two liquor ads come from a 1959 Lebanon Daily Record. The ads for Cranks Drug Store and Woolworths are from 1959 Springfield News Leader. As with anything I did at that time, it upset some people here in Springfield. Lebanon has always had a better sense of humor about this stuff.
Here are somethings I find funny about this:
  • Mr. Magoo pitching beer.
  • Woolworths is having a "gay Xmas."
  • Cranks is also celebrating "Xmas."
  • Cranks and other retail stores in the 50s seem to always have a sale on Milk of Magnesia and women's underpants (3-for-1) the same week. Is there a correlation? 
If you need to make the images larger, right click on them and select "Open in new window." Then click on them again.

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