Wednesday, December 28, 2011


According to a website called Rock Edition, Sean Bonniwell, lead singer of the influential 60s garage band The Music Machine, has died at age 71. This is about the only article on Boniwell's death on the Internet. Apparently, the mainstream media is more interested in unimportant people like Tim Tebow and Sarah Palin.

The Music Machine had one major Top 40 hit in 1966 with "Talk Talk," followed by "People In Me," which made it to #66 in 1967. They also had two singles in 1967 that became cult favorites, "Double Yellow Line" and "The Eagle Never Hunts the Fly."  When they moved to Warner Brothers in late 1967, they became known as The Bonniwell Music Machine, which was more sunshine pop than early punk/metal.

With Sean Bonniwell and Michael Jackson both deceased (as well as Slappy White), we will probably be forced to listen to some doofus country singer who wears two gloves (probably those Wells Lamont gloves because Paul Harvey advertised them).

The video is of the Music Machine performing "Talk Talk" on Where The Action Is. Along with "Pushin Too Hard" by the The Seeds, "Talk Talk" could be the story of my life.

UPDATE (12/29/2011):  The Los Angeles Times has an article on the death of Sean Bonniwell. Kudos to them.

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DaveW said...

"Talk Talk" I never get tired of listening to this song. Just fantastic!

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