Tuesday, September 9, 2014


Did you ever have a memory from childhood or your past of something that you were unable to confirm existed? For quite sometime, there were some things that I remembered from my childhood that none of the people around me seemed to remember. Over the years I had searched the Internet for information on this stuff and had turned up dead ends. Only recently have I had these vague memories verified as real.

1. Batman had a large friend that dressed like him named Fatman.  This story first appeared in Batman #113, but I probably saw it when it was reprinted in the 70s in Batman Family #4. Fatman was actually a circus clown, who performed in a Batman costume. He wound up saving Batman and Robin after gangsters locked them in a horse stable. Nobody believed me when I mentioned this character, but now I have proof.

2. The late 70s version of "Smoke, Smoke, Smoke That Cigarette" that featured impressions of Gomer Pyle, Archie Bunker, President Carter, Paul Lynde and others. I for along time was under the false belief this was the hit single version by Sammy Davis Jr. from that era. The reason I believed that was because it was a hit and Sammy often did impressions as part of his act. When I finally heard the Sammy Davis Jr. version, I was disappointed that there were no impressions. Early in the spring, KTXR's Wayne Glenn played on his Remember When radio show a 1978 version by a singer named Thom Bresh, whose father, Merle Travis, wrote the song "Smoke, Smoke, Smoke that Cigarette." That was it! Hearing it now, I realize the impressions are not great, but it is still fun to hear.

Cosmic Crystal from Paul Falcone on Vimeo.

3. There was a school kid made a sci-fi movie called The Comic Crystal that was shown on PBS and the TV show Zoom.  This was the one I really wanted to find out about. I was beginning to believe it might have been a strange dream I had during a high fever. A sci-fi movie made by a kid about another kid who finds a "cosmic crystal." He is attacked by zombies and saved by a cute, blonde, haired girl superhero in a yellow sweatshirt. This film also "borrowed" the sound effects from Star Trek. I thought they showed part of this on Zoom and there was a full version that aired once on the local PBS station as filler between programs. I had Googled it several times and came up with nothing. I tried again recently and found it. It was made by a guy name Paul Falcone and he recently posted it on the site Vimeo. Not only does it feature Star Trek's sound effects, but it features music by Pink Floyd (which I wasn't aware of when I saw this in elementary school). I can't believe how well this holds up today. I would love to hear from this guy. Paul, if you are reading this contact me at d4windsbar@yahoo.com.

I'm glad all of this has been cleared up. I was beginning to think that I was insane.   

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