Tuesday, June 18, 2013


When I was in elementary school, my father answered an ad in the Lebanon newspaper from a Springfield based company for a small business opportunity that was supposed to provide "total financial independence." For the most part it was a cam and many people lost their shirt. However, while we never became rich, my father still in this business to a degree and continues to make supplemental income on the side. This was a plastic sign business. If you are in a business, school, church or office in Lebanon, Missouri, you have probably seen one of the engraved plastic signs made by my father and mother.

They also made magnetic plastic signs that were used on company and business vehicles, as well as store decoration. There were rubber molds which went on the vacuum form machine that were of clip art and various corporate logos. There was also a catalog, from a company called Art/Craft that you could order more molds from as you needed them. I plan to post some scans from the catalog old logos, clip art and some "humorous" signs. I included the car and truck rental signs because they were part of the page with the fast food and beverages logos. It is interesting to see which companies are still with us, which are gone and which one changed their logos.    

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I should point out that when this was made the Big Boy was also the mascot of Shoney's too.
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I understood the Taco Bell chihuahua, but the Taco Bell dinosaur is a stretch. I believe I'm in love with the Sandy's logo. Sandy's was bought out by Hardees in the 70s. Hardees should bring Sandy back for a commercial. She could say to a redneck guy, "Do you want to peak under my kilt or a Monster Burger?" and the dumb redneck will say "I want the burger." It is just an idea.

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Let me just say the clip art for Chinese restaurants is very politically incorrect.
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One thing that you will notice looking at these pages is Art/Craft's forte seemed to be cavemen. How many of you remember Budman?
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Not sure why any one thought a guy sitting on ice would entice anyone to buy ice. Nothing ruins the taste of a cold beverage like some guy's butt germs. Also scrubbing the floor with ice isn't a good idea either, but, hey, it was the 70s.

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