Tuesday, January 1, 2013


Most Popular Post of 2012 (According to Google Analytics)

1. Looking Back on Five Years of Blogging
2. Who Really Killed Jazz-Rock? Not President Nixon.
3. Desdinova's List of TV's Greatest Westerns
4. Best of Desdinova: Desdinova Presents 50's Teenage Rebel Theater
5. Happy Father's Day
6. Levon Helm Loses Battle With Cancer
7. Dark Shadow's Jonnathan Frid obit (Note: This was originally a post entitled "What's the Deal With   Barnabas Collins Hair?," but he died before I got it completed)
8. Robert Hedges of Welcome Back Kotter Dies (Obit link)
9. Best of Desdinova: The Mod Squad was Cooler than 21 Jump Street
10. Guitar amplifier pioneer Jim Marshall dies (Obit link)
11. The Stuff Narrators Say
12. Bob Welch dies (Obit link)
13. Happy New Year 2012 (Note: This is just a clip art image. Nothing profound from Wonderful Cool Me)
14. Two Prohibition Gangster Shows of the 50s
15. Why I Prefer Christopher Lee's Dracula Over Lugosi's Dracula
16. Don Grady dies (Obit link)
17. I Didn't Realize How Cool Ark 2 Was Until Now
18. My Obligatory "Whitney Houston Died" Post
19. I Am Not Ashamed part 3
20. Desdinova's Top Five Western Parodies

Here are 15 personal favorites that you missed.
1. What Happened To Poking Fun at Squares?
2. Facsimiles and Copy Cats
3. Reinventing Light Adult Contemporary Radio
4. I Wanted To Be The Next Dick Clark
5. Cool TV Show Opening - The Name of the Game
6. Twilight: Ozarks Style
7. The Man From U.N.C.L.E Was Cooler Than 24
8. A Touch of Grey Kind of Suits You Anyway
9. The Most Underrated Horror Film of the 70s - Messiah of Evil
10. Could Pat Paulsen & Lord Sutch Be Elected in 2012?
11. Best of Desdinova: Springfield Had Its Own Batman & Robin
12. My 3rd Grade Report on Dracula That Never Happened
13. Facebook "Cut-and-Paste" Poster Is Wrong
14. Why Being a Monster Kid In the Ozarks Is Hell
15. Why Did We Wear Song Titles In Rainbow Glitter On Our T-Shirts in the 70s?

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