Monday, June 4, 2012

Mr. Trololo dies from stroke at 78 - Pravda

Mr. Trololo dies from stroke at 78 - English

The obit comes from Pravada, because it was written in his home country and doesn't contain comments from the snotty little right-wing, redneck trolls that leave comments on American sights. Let me add that I have always felt that what made this one of the greatest Internet memes ever was both the element of the familiar with the element of anticlimax. It looks like a performance from one of the many TV variety shows we watched as kids, yet we can't tell which one or who that guy is singing. We watch and wait for Eduard Khil to start singing the words, but words never come. Khil's "singing" noises get stranger and happier.

As a person with a Bachelor of Science in Electronic Media, I can deduce one reason Khil looks "odd." Any media major or professional in television production will tell you that when you are shooting in video tape you need to put make-up on your subject - A LOT OF MAKE-UP. Khil doesn't seem to be wearing any make-up which causes his face to look shinny and pasty. He is also wearing a shirt that is the same color as the background. It is the scourge of 60s and 70s fashion the maize shirt. It clashes with the mustard yellow background.

The story of Eduard Khil is an example of the power of the Internet to make stars of anybody or revive careers. There may be hope for me yet.

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