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As I mentioned in my last post, it is not easy to determine which songs are one hit wonders. You are either surprised that an act had another hit or that the other song wasn't a Top 40 hit. Many musical acts are called one hit wonders, even though they had another hit or two in the Top 40 or Hot 100.

Why? Part of this is memory lapse on the part of people discussing music. This in turn effects polls being conducted by magazines, radio stations or online sights. Another cause of this can be laid at the feet of the radio industry, which frequently limits the number of songs by an artist on their playlist. Many oldies and classic rock stations only play one song by an act. The worst offender is reference books and articles (print and online) written on the subject which are either poorly researched or purposely ignore the facts. Some CD and LP compilations have done this also.

I looked over several listings of one hit wonders and decided to list the ones that were glaring mistakes. This one contains the acts that had other Top 40 hits. I plan to follow this up with groups that had hits that "bubbled under" the Top 40. Also, if the song charted on or was higher on another chart, I designated that chart. Some I listed because they received radio and MTV airplay.

Johnny Preston - "Cradle of Love" #7 and "Feel So Fine" #14 in 1960 after "Running Bear."

Big Bopper - "Big Bopper's Wedding" #38.

C. W. McCall - "Wolf Creek Pass" #40 and "The Old Home Filler Up and Keep On Trucking Cafe" #54. Both had a connecting story line featuring the waitress named Mavis, sidekick Earl and Sloan, the dog of the truck driving narrator, Rubber Duck.

A-Ha - "The Sun Always Shines On TV" #20, "Cry Wolf" #50 and "The Living Daylights" #113.

Great White - "The Angel Song" #30 and "Rock Me" #60.

Tommy Tutone - "Angel Say No" #38.

Strawberry Alarm Clock - "Tomorrow" #23.

Question Mark & the Mysterians - "I Need Somebody" #22 and "Can't Get Enough of Your Love" #56.

Falco - "Der Kommisar" #72, "Vienna Calling" #18 and "Sound of Musik" #13.

The Rembrants - "Just The Way It Is, Baby" #14.

The Foundations - "Baby, Now That I've Found You" #11.

Keith - "Ain't Gonna Lie" #37 and "Tell It To My Face" #37.

The Left Banke - "Pretty Ballerina" #15 and "Desiree" #98.

Maxine Nightingale - "Lead Me On" #5.

Taste of Honey - "Sukyaki" #3.

The Fat Boys - "The Twist (Hey Twister!)" #16.

Looking Glass - "Jimmy Loves Mary-Anne" #33.

Steel Breeze - "Dreaming Is Easy" #30.

Maury Head - "Superstar" #14 in 1971. This song is best known as "Jesus Christ Superstar." Head played Judas in the original version in London.

The Romantics - "One In a Million" #37 and "What I Like About You" #47.

Blue Swede -"Never My Love" #7 and "Hush/I'm Alive" #61.

The Soul Survivors - "Explosion (In Your Heart)" #33 and "Impossible Mission" #68.

The Electric Prunes - "Get Me To The World On Time" #27.

Vanilla Fudge - "Take Me For A Little While" #38, "Seasons of the Witch" #65, "Shotgun" #68 and "Where Is My Mind" #73.

Brownsville Station - "Kings of the Party" #31, "Lady (Put the Light On Me)" #46, "I'm the Leader of the Gang" #48, "Let Your Yeah Be Yeah" #57 and "Martian Boogie" #59.

Spandau Ballet - "Gold" #29 and "Only When You Leave" #34.

Swing Out Sister - "Twilight World" #31 and "Am I The Same Girl" #45/#1-AC.

The Cardigans - "My Favorite Game" #16-Alternative.

Madness - "Must Be Love" #33.

Semisonic - "Singing In My Sleep" #33-#11 Modern, "Secret Smile" #21 Modern and "Chemistry" #39 Modern.

Lighthouse - "Sunny Days" #34 and "Pretty Lady" #53.

American Breed - "Step Out of Your Mind" #24 and "Green Light" #39.

Alias - "Waiting for Love" #13.     

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