Tuesday, September 13, 2011


When songwriter Jerry Leiber passed away last month, I mentioned I would have "more to come" on the subject. I wanted to give some sort of tribute other than the link to an article on his death. There are many great sites and biographies on Jerry Leiber and Mike Stoller, which give plenty of information on their career and work.

I decided instead to give you a list of twenty of my favorite recordings of Leiber & Stoller songs. A few of these are not the original versions, but cover versions that I prefer.

1. "Love Potion #9" - The Clovers.
2. "Black Denim Trousers and Motorcycle Boots" - The Cheers.
3. "Jailhouse Rock" - Elvis Presley.
4. "Poison Ivy" - The Rolling Stones.
5. "Alligator Wine" - Screaming Jay Hawkins.
6. "Little Egypt" - The Coasters.
7. "Hound Dog" - Elvis Presely.
8. "I (Who Have Nothing) - Terry Knight & The Pack.
9. "Is That All There Is" - P. J. Harvey.
10. "Kansas City" - The Beatles.
11. "Charlie Brown" - The Coasters.
12. "Dance With Me" - The Drifters.
13. "Down In Mexico" - The Coasters.
14. "D. W. Washburn" - The Monkees.
15. "Riot in Cell Block #9" - The Robins (Later became the Coasters).
16. "There Goes My Baby" - The Drifters.
17. "I'm a Hog For You Baby" - Screaming Lord Sutch.
18. "Is That All There Is" - Cristina Monet (A punk-new wave version with outrageous, new lyrics by Monet. Leiber and Stoller sued to prevent its release for several years).
19. "Ruby Baby" - Dion
20. "I'm a Woman" - Peggy Lee (Most people of my generation remember this song from the commercials for Enjoli perfume).

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