Thursday, October 6, 2016


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Last year I posted Halloween pinup photos of Ann Miller and Morgan Fairchild (two post with Morgan). Now I present the Halloween related, celebrity, photos that are quickly becoming the next big thing on the Internet. They are not sexy pinups like Ann Miller & Morgan Fairchild made. These are candid snapshots of Sigourney Weaver and a large pumpkin. They are circulating around on Twitter, tumblr, Facebook and Readit. By the way she is dressed, they were taken in the early 80s. As I said, they are not purposely sexy, but they are incredibly cute. Not sure who took them or why, but people are enjoying them. If you remember Sigourney Weaver was one of the inspirations for the tackiest post I ever made. Speaking of that post, the other inspiration for it was my college roommate, Cedric Boyd. He has written two novels, The Good Wolf and Randall Whitmore: The Good Wolf Part 2, which are available on Amazon.

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Cedric Boyd said...

Thanks for the shoutout roomie!!

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