Friday, October 9, 2015

Van Beuren's Magic Mummy Cartoon

I've said on this blog before that the Van Beuren Studios made some of the worst cartoons ever. This is one of the few good ones.

I mentioned on an earlier post about Van Beuren's Milton Mouse that got them a lawsuit from Walt Disney. This is Van Beuren's ripoff of the popular Mutt & Jeff comic strip and cartoon characters named Tom & Jerry. These cartoons have been used in many budget compilations of cartoons because they are in public domain and they have the same name as the more popular cat & mouse team from MGM.

This has a Phantom of the Opera type character and dancing skeletons. The mummy is more of a Goth chick/zombie, who sings in a Betty Boop-like voice. Oh yeah, also Tom & Jerry are cops at a gay precient. There are two singing cops wearing eye shadow and lipstick. The other cops spend their time dancing with the jails inmates. Enjoy this bit of strangeness.

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