Saturday, September 26, 2015


I was planing to do more of these type of post in the early days of the revamped blog, but only succeeded in a post on maize/gold men's shirts.

I am going to say this up front. I kind of have a nylon hosiery fetish. Not only do I find nylons and pantyhose sexy on women, but I feel they a dressy and sophisticated.

Woman on the right realized she looks dorky, woman on the left realized she just sharted.

A Gathering of the Dorky Dressers Club

Going through various 70s fashion magazines and on-line photos, I noticed a trend in the 70s that I remember from my childhood, but now find abhorrent: knee sock on grown women. I'm not sure why someone thought that tube socks, pulled up over a woman's knees, looked good with a skirt, but they did.  I blame cocaine use.

Knee socks and plaid: a lethal combination
Mommy, can I go out an play?

Don't laugh! You're the girls wearing knee socks!

The problem with knee socks is that I associated them with elementary school girls. It makes a woman look like her mother dressed her for Sunday school.  All she needs is an Easter bonnet to top off the outfit.

I bet she also has a T-shirt from Weed Fest 1976.

You've seen this all over the Web.

Bummer, Mom found my stash.

Roller girl

Once hemlines came down, dress knee socks began to disappear, but then came the casual knee socks that women wore with hot pants, shorts and crazy disco get-ups. These were looked like a woman was wearing her tube socks from gym class or pretending to be Pipi Longstockings. These seem to be long, thick socks with crazy, colored strips.

This seemed to fade away with the 80s, although for a short time it was replaced by leg warmers. The bad news is female hipsters are trying to bring it back. These seem to be women, who have a strong desire to dress like Velma from Scooby Doo. I'm sorry, I find knee socks on women dorky. Hopefully, they will stay in the bedroom drawer.

BTW: This photo shows that they don't look good on guys either.

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