Sunday, August 9, 2015


Many people believe rock and roll is best when it is live. I've actually been to very few concerts. I prefer studio recording because of the controlled atmosphere. There have been many instances in which the studio version bombed when first released or a song wasn't released on 45. The record company or another record company (after the group or artist left their original label) released a live version on 45 which took off. Of the 17 songs listed here, radio went back and began playing the original studio version on five of them.

"Ridin the Storm Out" REO Speedwagon (Studio version didn't chart in 1973. Live version went to #94 in 1977. Radio still plays live version because the lead singer is different and the tempo on the live version is faster.)

"Rock & Roll All Night" Kiss (Studio version went to #68 in 1975. Live version went #12 in 1976. Radio plays the studio version.)

"I Want You To Want Me" Cheap Trick (Studio version didn't chart when it was released in 1977. The much faster live version went to #7 in 1979. Radio plays the live version because of the faster pace.)

"Say Goodbye to Hollywood" Billy Joel (Studio version on 1976 LP Turnstiles. Live version went to #17 in 1981. Radio plays the live version.)

"I Do" J. Geils Band (Originally a track on the Atlantic LP Monkey Island in 1977.  The live single version was released in 1982 on EMI America and went to #24. Radio plays the live version, if they play it.)

"Show Me the Way", "Baby I Love Your Way" and "Do You Feel Like I Do" Peter Frampton (Studio versions didn't chart. Radio plays the live versions.)

"I Just Want to Make Love to You" Foghat (Studio version only made it to #83 on the chart in 1972. Radio plays the studio version.)

"Conquistador" Procol Harum (Studio version was the first track on their 1967 debut LP. Live version, recorded with the Edmonton Symphony Orchestra went to #16 in 1972. Radio plays the liver version.)

"Turn the Page", "Katmandu" & "Beautiful Loser" Bob Seger & the Silver Bullet Band (The studio version of "Turn The Page" didn't chart in 1972. "Beautiful Loser" made it to #103 and "Katmandu" made it to #43 in 1975. The live version did not chart, but became staples on radio.)

"Reelin & Rockin" Chuck Berry (Released as the flip side of "Sweet Little Sixteen." Recorded in London in 1972. Radio station play the original.)

"Folsom Prison Blues" Johnny Cash (Recorded on Sun in the 50s. Live version recorded at the real Folsom Prison in 1968. Radio stations usually play the original Sun recording.)

"Thank God I'm a Country Boy" John Denver (Studio version was a track on the 1974 Back Home Again LP. Radio plays the live version.)

"Maybe I'm Amazed" Paul McCartney and Wings (Studio version was on McCartney's first solo LP in 1970. Radio plays the studio version.)

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