Sunday, July 19, 2015


For this edition of my podcast, I attempted to recreate The Psychedelic Limits, a monthly segment I created for The Midnight Snack on KSMU in Springfield, MO., back in the late 80s. This was a spur of the moment decision, so this is not perfect. I realized that, with modern technology and resources on the Internet, I could create a new version of the radio show, I was doing as an 18 year old kid starting out in the radio industry, that would blow that show out of the water (and I will go to my grave saying it has been the best thing I ever did in radio). Unfortunately, Springfield radio shows no interest allowing me to do this kind of a show or any kind of retro show. Too creative, I guess. That and it is too intellectual for the local rednecks. It also might frighten old people. Enjoy this trip (Heh heh heh, he said trip, man!) and maybe I will create another one soon.

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