Tuesday, June 10, 2014

British comedian Rik Mayall dies at 56

British comedian Rik Mayall dies at 56

SIDE NOTE: I didn't always have a blog. I started off commenting on Missouri Radio Message Board and Ron Davis' Chatter blog, where I made numerous enemies. During this time, I swiped one of Rik Mayall's catchphrases from The Young Ones.

On The Young Ones, the character of Rick, frequently would say, "Please don't make fun of the woman I love!" if the punker, Vivian, made a disparaging remark about a female celebrity (usually British TV star Felicity Kendall).He also got upset if people made fun of singer Cliff Richard.

There was an anonymous commenter on the Chatter blog, who hated former KYTV reporter/anchor Cara Connolly (above). Anytime this jerk slammed Cara Connolly, I would reply with "Please don't make fun of Cara, she is the woman I love!"

From what I understand, my comments and old blog used to cause someone at KSGF to have violent fits like Vivian on The Young Ones.       

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