Thursday, February 13, 2014


If you were wondering about the identity of the two performers in the photo from a 60s TV adaptation of the Little Mermaid, I'm going to give the answers.

The lady is Shirley Temple Black, who passed away earlier this week. Here is the New York Times obit, which is one of the few obits I found that featured photos of Miss Temple in her later years.

The leading man is Canadian actor/comedian Donald Harron. I played several small roles on TV in the 60s, such as the sarcastic, bearded Australian agent Kit Kitridge on The Man from UNCLE.

However, he is most famous in both America and his native Canada as Charlie Farquharson (above), a farmer/historian who talked about politics, society and his neighbors, while mangling the English language. He played the character on Hee Haw for 18 years, although in this interview on You Tube, he gives the impression that he wasn't happy with his work on that show. I only recently found out Charlie had a snooty city cousin, Valerie, played by Harron in drag. There is a video of Charlie explaining global warming and why he voted for the Green Party that is funnier than the stuff he did on Hee Haw.

BTW, this was from The Shirley Temple Storybook TV show and it is on DVD. The photo above is a publicity photo from that 50s - 60s TV series.

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