Thursday, January 16, 2014

'Partridge Family' star Dave Madden dead at 82

'Partridge Family' star Dave Madden dead at 82 -- report

Madden was also on the TV show Laugh-In for one season. If you saw the show in the heavily edited reruns in the 80s, you probably wondered why Madden would deliver a punchline and then throw confetti in the air. This never made much sense, until I saw the shows unedited on DVD. He gives an expalnation in the first episode he is in that he throws confetti in the air every time he "has a dirty thought."

Speaking of "dirty thoughts," check out Retrospace's movie review podcast, "The Horshack Redemption #8: Eat My Dust." Gilligan and his fellow movie reviewer, the Professor, discuss Dave Madden's appearance in the Roger Corman/Ron Howard car chase epic Eat My Dust.     

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