Wednesday, September 18, 2013


My post have been sporadic of late. Three reasons:
  1. I have been working a double shift at my job. An employee quit while filling in for another employee, who was on a two week vacation. I had to work both shifts.
  2. I've thought of a few good ideas, but realized they would be better for next month. I plan to participate in the annual Countdown to Halloween.
  3. One idea I have was kind of wimpy at best but sidetracked me into something else. I may still use it, but it fired my imagination. The topic would be "media/celebrity satires of the 50s." Yeah, you have no idea what I'm talking about. It would mention several movies and plays made from the mid-50 to early 60s that were comical satires or vaguely dramas about well-known figures or fads of the day. Some of the more famous topics included Walter Winchell (Sweet Smell of Success), Arthur Godfrey (A Face In The Crowd), Hopalong Cassidy (Callaway Went That Away, Slim Carter), Elvis Presley (Espresso Bongo, Bye Bye Birdie), Peyton Place (Please Turn Over) and fan magazines (Will Success Spoil Rock Hunter?). I have been working on a novel that was about working in talk radio (against my will, I should add) that is sort of a combination of Sweet Smell of Success and A Face In The Crowd with a dash of the 90's film Falling Down. A very dark and ugly story that included two characters modeled off two local talk radio icons and a female character modeled off two national female talk radio host. Granted, two of the local talk show host have wanted me dead for years, but the female character would be a problem, because people might question if it was a local personality. The female character is a snippy, self-righteous radio psychologist, who off-air is a dominatrix, exhibitionist and into corprophilia and urophilia (panty pooper/panty wetter). This last one is based on a story that has been circulating the Internet about a 70s radio talk show host (And like this person, the character in my novel was a former beauty queen). I incorporated this into the story because it is also sort of symbolic of what the radio industry does to it's best talent. It is also a fetish that people would understand, especially if they have changed a child's diapers. The novel began with the man character, a disgruntled radio producer, walks off the job after putting a CD of Katy Perry, Lady Gaga and Britney Spears on the air to run over Rush Limbaugh's show. He then causes a near riot in a fast food joint, when he swipes the revolver of a rather obnoxious advertiser/frequent caller, pistol whips him and encourages the patrons, over the loud speaker, to beat take turns assaulting the guy.    While researching this post for the blog, I thought of a better safer idea. Instead of local personalities, who might sue or have me investigated by the FBI, I decided on satirizing a national talk radio figure and several other national celebrities and politicians. This idea just took off and, I will have to say, has been easier to write because of it's lighthearted nature.
 I realize these are probably not very good excuses or reasons, but I thought I should explain a little bit about what is going on. 

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