Wednesday, May 1, 2013


I've debated just updating some of my post which I left something out of or create a new post. Since I haven't created many original post lately, I decide on a special "loose ends post."

Earlier this year I gave you a post entitled "People Guilty of Interrupting TV Shows," a look at some of the actors and actresses who portrayed famous advertising characters. I realized early on that I left off a few and the names of the people who created the role. Part of the problem was with Bloggers ability to load multiple photos on a post. I got very frustrated with that post, so once I got it half way decent looking, I gave up, but chose to make a separate post with the actual names of the people who portrayed these iconic characters.

"I'm so lonely."

" donuts."

Two people I left off were actors Jesse White (top), who was the first Maytag Repairman, and Michael Vale (bottom), who played the Dunkin Donuts maker.

Then there was "Disco Shock or I Can't Believe They Made a Disco Record." This was a list of artist that nobody thought would make a record that was even close to being disco, but they did. After it was completed, local KTXR radio personality Wayne Glenn ("The Old Record Collector") mentioned Frankie Avalon recorded a "disco" version of his 50s hit "Venus." I also discovered this week that the late Richie Havens recorded a disco song in 1980 called "Going Back To My Roots."


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