Tuesday, December 11, 2012


I should address this before it turns into something ugly. Someone will probably ask why I haven't participated in a Countdown To Christmas, like I always do with Countdown To Halloween. I'm sure someone will say it has something to do the "War on Christmas" and that I'm really in league with Satan.

Last year, I made several Christmas post on a daily basis, much like I did with Countdown to Halloween. This year, I believe I have only one Christmas related post so far.  Do I have reasons for there not being any Countdown to Christmas post? Yes.
  1. Lack of time - I'm busy at work (even though I still consider myself "on the beach")
  2. I'm a guy - We procrastinate on Christmas things. Women put up their Christmas trees in November and have Christmas shopping done in August. Guys really don't decorate for Christmas and we usually get our Christmas shopping done at 11:30 p.m on December 24th.
  3. Not as much variety with Christmas as with Halloween. I still have ideas for Halloween post, but unfortunately that holiday has come and gone. As I have mentioned before, most of the Christmas music is the same song over and over. I posted several cartoons and movie trailers last year and they are luckily still here (You Tube never yanked these). You can go back and enjoy them again.
  4. The Countdown to Halloween is a coordinated effort with a blog site. I thought there was a Countdown to Christmas blog last year. I couldn't find one, but noticed several links to a Countdown to Christmas on Pinnerst. If there was a Countdown To Christmas blog last year, it was probably started by a craft blogger and may have been moved to Pinnerst. 
 Don't worry if I find anything Christmas oriented from the past few decades, I will post it.

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