Friday, July 27, 2012


This is the anniversary of my all time favorite song reaching Number One on the Billboard chart as well as many Top 40 radio station surveys (WMCA New York survey above). It is "Light My Fire" by the Doors. Yes, it is true the song was a hit (exactly) two years before I was born, but it has always been a favorite of mine. Many people of my age group became interested in the Doors after a greatest hits LP starting selling strong in the early 80s and a book about Jim Morrison called No One Here Gets Out Alive became a best seller. Rolling Stone even ran a cover story on the reknewed interest in Jim Morrison entitled, "He's hot. He's sexy. He's dead." The song was around several months before it starting getting airplay on Top 40 around the country because of it's seven minute plus length. It was edited for radio down to about three minutes and thirty seconds. It became a radio favorite and one of the greatest summertime hits. Here is video of the Doors doing the short version live.

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