Friday, March 2, 2012


Robert Feder has a Chicago based media blog. This article points out problems with the current radio and how it handled the deaths of both Whitney Houston and Davy Jones. It also mentioned that social media and Internet became a better source of information about these two music legends than radio, which helped make them famous in the first place. I didn't hear any mentions of Davy Jones death on local radio nor did I hear any of his music. The national radio shows were more interested in the death of Andrew Breitbart, who probably only about one percent of the population had even heard of. Breitbart was never in an episode of Scooby Doo or the Brady Bunch so his is irrelevant to most people.

In a blog post April 2009 (The most popular post ever - it gets about 20 hits a day), I said that radio's popularity died with Kurt Cobain. Unless things change, I think Whitney Houston and Davy Jones may have been the nails in the coffin. This Monkees song may sum up the state of radio.


The Uber-Man said...

Radio is dead. Video killed it. And Grooveshark.

sundersartwork said...

It is finished, we all stream content differently now. Television is going too, who wants to stick to the old format of passive observer?. Shame about Davy Jones, he had a young wife (he had to have had money). She once asked him 'Lets , run upstairs with me and lets have sex'. He said 'at my age its one or the other dear'

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