Wednesday, November 2, 2011


I know that people see me as a rebel, who doesn’t take orders or opinions from anyone. True, but I’m thinking of asking for help. After the success of the Countdown to Halloween, I’m looking toward the next big holiday which is Thanksgiving. I have an idea. I have a large collection of women’s fashion, “nesting” and Life magazines. These magazines have plenty of recipes and food related articles in them. I have decided to feature them, along with my usual pop culture retrospective.

Here is where the response, feedback, audience-driven, media major goes to work. I would like for you, as a reader to contact me, Desdinova-the Super Villain of the Ozarks, with a recipe for a dish suitable for Thanksgiving dinner, desert or snack. This way we also keep the blog content localized.

Use the following e-mail addresses: or Address them as “Desdinova Thanksgiving Recipe.” This way I know who is reading this blog.

NOTE: I have been diagnosed as a “borderline diabetic,” so diabetic recipes will probably take precedent.

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