Saturday, December 19, 2015


Kmart stores, while not as abundant as they once were, are still around. My mother said she preferred Kmart to Wal-Mart because it wasn't as noisy and more civilized.

Maybe that is why I still shop there. Some how the big viral trend has been former Kmart employees putting MP3 of the recorded in-store music on various websites. This is a 1974 Christmas music tape that played in the store, while people did their Christmas shopping. Included is a Kmart jingle and some announcements for customers "wishing to pay for purchases with a personal check" and reminders that "there is no smoking on the sales floor."

The rest is retro easy listening Christmas music from Hollyridge Strings, Wayne King, Al Hirt, Lawrence Welk, Bert Kaempfert, Living Strings, Eddie Dunstedter, Tex Beneke, John Klein, Ralph Hunter Choir, Andre Kostelanetz, Pete Fountain, Mantovani, Domenico Savino, George Melachrino, Hugo Winterhalter, Arthur Fiedler, Ronnie Aldrich, Billy Vaughn, Liberace and Jackie Gleason. And those are just the once Shazam could identify. This is about two hours worth of instrumental Christmas music.

And as a Christmas bonus (or gag gift) I give you a juvenile photo funny of Jaclyn Smith, making a promotional appearance at a Kmart store, that pays homage to my favorite Kmart commercial. Yes, Santa Claus may put me on the naughty list for that.

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