Sunday, April 13, 2014


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I've been wanting to get into collecting found photography for some time. However, most of the photographs I've found in flea markets in the area have been from the 1890 to 1949. I'm really more interested in photographs from the 1950s up to current times. I'm especially interested in photos of young people and school related activities.

Which brings me to the photo above. This is the first photo I have acquired. It was in a box at a record collectors show recently with a tons of old sheet music and a handful of movie stills. The guys who was selling the stuff didn't know it was in the box. He just charged me two bucks for it.

On the back are the following words: "Miss Janis Jackson, Queen. Thornhill's Photography Studio, New Orleans. Return to Westside Office. Please hold for Jim Titterington, Westside Page."

I assume this young lady is Miss Janis Jackson and she was a homecoming queen in New Orleans. This really good photo was taken at Thornhill's Photography Studio in New Orleans. I'm guess the rest may have been directions for the newspaper society page. I'm guessing the year on this would be from about 1957 to 1963.

Now here is the offer. If you know Janis Jackson, whether she is your wife, your mom, your sister, your aunt, the lady at your church who brings scrumptious cookies to the Sunday potluck dinner or maybe YOU ARE Homecoming Queen Janis Jackson, contact me. I will send you this photo to you free of charge. You can contact me at, if you can tell me how you are related or acquainted with this beautiful young lady, I will send it to you. I want this photo to get back to Miss Jackson or her family.

NOTE: In order to get the full effect of this wonderful photo, click on the photo to enlarge and listen to Percy Faith's "Theme from a Summer Place" at the same time.  

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