Sunday, February 12, 2012


As you know, I usually post links to death notices of some celebrities, especially of a "retro" nature. However, the magnitude of news coverage of Whitney Houston's passing, I don't feel a need to give you a link. If that upsets you, just wait because I'm sure I'll offend you much more.

I'm going to some thing that will really upset people. I never liked Whitney Houston's music. It was bland, boring and lifeless. To make matters worse for me, it cluttered up the radio. However,  I am NOT going to say disrespectful things about Whitney Houston.

I'm going to instead slam the people, who made me hate Whitney Houston's music - adults. Whitney Houston made her debut during the era of the heavy metal hair bands, new wave/punk, the emerging rap/hip hop sounds and the rest was Prince or Madonna. You also had several anti-rock-music-advocacy groups cropping up (at least two were based here in Missouri). This was also the "Just Say No"  and "Positive Role Model" years. Ugh.

Of course, I liked most of the popular music of the day along with the music of the 60s and 70s, however what I really liked was the heavy metal. Naturally,  I was the object of hatred from the oh-so self-righteous adults in Lebanon. They would say things like "You should like Whitney Houston instead of that satanic, drug music you like." Apparently, this was a general thought at the time. As I was getting ready to start writing this I noticed this post from "Go Retro!." Whitney Houston was really bland easy listening/adult contemporary music that was getting played on Top-40/rock stations and the adults were going to ram it down the throats us kids even though some of us didn't like it. It is part of the reason I have never liked the adult contemporary format. It had that smug, self-righteous "We-are-proud-to-be-square" attitude (although it is changing from what it was in the 70s, 80s and 90s) that I despise. Whitney Houston's music was much like The Waltons, people told me that it was better for me than what I liked and America would be a better place if every kid listened to Whitney Houston instead of heavy metal or something good. I should also point out that I was also told I should listen to country music instead what I liked. (Adults are just stupid).

This attitude and harassment by adults caused me to hate just about anything Whitney Houston did. I hated The Bodyguard, even though many people thought was the greatest movie ever made. I really made them mad when I said I liked Roseanne Barr's version of The Star Spangle Banner better than Whitney Houston's version. I also liked Jimi Hendrix's better too, that makes people mad too. I've always kind of considered Whitney Houston part of a Republican plot to brainwash people.

I'm also finding it interesting that people who complained when people mourned Michael Jackson and Kurt Cobain are grieving all over the place over Whitney Houston. They are asking on Facebook, "What is you favorite Whitney Houston song?" I DON'T HAVE ONE!

Even though I didn't like Whitney Houston's music, may she rest in peace and not be judged by her life but her music. I leave that to the talk radio scumbags and those scumbags on Fox News. They enjoy being disrespectful to dead entertainers (and live ones as well). It was her fans and cranky adults of the 80s that deserve the scorn.
BTW, when Merle Haggard kicks the bucket, I'm not going to be so nice. Same for Hank Williams Junior.

Opinions, like this, are why I'm considered the Super-Villain of the Ozarks!!! Mwu-HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!      

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