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As many of you know, I have decided not to continue updating the original blog, Desdinova the Super Villain of the Ozarks, because it is too much trouble to work on two blogs at once. Also I deleted some of the post because they were either irrelevant, outdated or contained broken links to articles that are no longer available. I also deleted some that could keep me from further employment in the local media.

When I started this blog, I was one of the most hated people on the Internet in the Ozarks. It started off with my comments on the Missouri Radio Message Board and Ron Davis' Chatter blog. I decided to create a "voice" for my persona. I based it part on the character of Ronnie the Z-Man from Beyond the Valley of the Dolls (top) and Stewie from Family Guy (bottom). I used the name Desdinova the Eternal Light at first.

My legend began after several skirmishes with someone calling himself Talk Radio Guy. I also believe this person was making anonymous comments on Chatter blog. This Talk Radio Guy would get mad when I made jokes about a local talk radio show host.

I had been considering setting up my own blog, but I decided to go ahead with it after I made a comment on Ron's blog about a photo of this talk radio show host that was in the News Leader. I'll admit the comment was rather mean and nasty, but I will go to my grave feeling absolutely no remorse for posting that, because this talk radio show host (as well as some of the scummy ones I've been forced to work with) was known for saying rather heartless things about people. He supposedly cried on the air about this. The bad part some of my co-workers (They didn't know it was me) were angry that someone would do such a thing. Many people were for some reason upset with Ron over this. I think some thought that Ron was Desdinova also. They also thought I was a rival talk show host (He isn't as funny as me).

So I created a blog of my own where I created a persona of a hip, liberal, megalomaniacal, mad scientist. A scary but fun person much like British rocker/political activist Screaming Lord Sutch (above).

I was going to delete all of the earlier post until I reread the post that people hated the most and realized that not only are they great satirical humor, but anyone who was offended by this stuff would have to be STUPID.

The infamous face of Desdinova was something I originally designed for a character based on the Italian super-criminal-hero Diabolik (above). It is a altered photo from a site that sells bondage clothes. The model doesn't realize he is the face of most hated blogger in the Ozarks.

The "voice" of Desdinova was a mix of famous movie actors, who played villains, as well as cartoon villains. Apparently, the talk radio crowd here in the Ozarks didn't grown up watching Saturday morning cartoons, old movie serials or horror films like I did, or they would have realized that I wasn't a mad scientist with a giant robot and zombie soldiers that lived under Park Central Square. I was told by a friend who works at Springfield Police Department that there were people calling them asking why "they hadn't arrested Desdinova yet."

I would like to pay tribute to those who I channeled while writing my post on the old blog. The first two inspired my "evil" laugh (Mwu-HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!)
Count Von Count from Sesame Street
Krankor from Prince of Space

Boris Karloff as Fu Manchu
Claude Rains as the Invisible Man
Christopher Lee as Fu Manchu
Dr. No
Dr. Evil from Austin Powers
The Crimson Ghost
Alex from Clockwork Orange
Freddy Kruger

Lex Luthor from Superman

Simon Bar Sinister from Underdog

Vincent Price
Coffin Joe

Victor Buono

Peter Cook as Lucifer/Mr. Spiggot in Bedazzled
Blofeld from James Bond

Darth Vader

Dr. Strangelove

Dr. Smith from Lost In Space
Skeletor from He-Man

Dr. Meirshultz from Maniac
Some people ask, "Shouldn't you apologize to some people. I still maintain that most of my targets deserved it. There is only one person deserving an apology.  Her name is Melinda and I used a school photo she gave me in 9th grade to illustrate some of my post. I have since switched the photo with a photo of a pretty girl from a 50's yearbook I found on-line. There is only one photo of Melinda left on the blog, because the post wouldn't make sense with the other photo (Someone on a message board linked to the photo thinking it was childhood photo of Paris Hilton-there is a slight resemblance). That post also mentions people thinking I was "the rival talk radio show host" of that "talk radio show host" I poked fun at. That could get me a visit from the FBI. 

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