Sunday, August 21, 2011


A few years ago, I was attempting to create a satirical/Sci-Fi comic strip. I wanted the women to dress in late 70s & early 80s fashions, since most of the Sci-Fi adventures shows I watched as a kid, such as Battlestar Galactica, Buck Rogers, Jason of Star Command and Doctor Who, were produced in the late 70s & early 80s. Even if story took place in the future, the women seem to be wearing disco/new wave/roller boogie fashions. In doing research, I purchased several late 70s & early 80s fashion magazines off Ebay. I'm finding them handy for the revamped version of this blog.

I blogged earlier this year about how women's clothes were not as colorful as they were in the early 80s. I found that one of these magazines was an August 1979 "Back to School" issue of Seventeen. I thought that since I hadn't post much lately I could at least post the back to school pics for the ladies that read this blog to reminisce.

Much to my dismay I discovered that the back to school clothes for girls in 1979 were drab and boring. This seemed to be the start of that horrible preppy phase that plagued my generation. Most of the clothes were brown tweed. The emphasis was on sweaters, long skirts and knee socks. Also little tams and knit caps were the must have accessory. This is what all the little, rich snooty girls wore. Who picked these clothes to be the "popular" back to school clothes? PROBABLY SOMEONE'S MOMMY!!!

Okay, this might look better if it was worn by a girl with a butt.
One reason I chose to post these pictures was that one of the models is Phoebe Cates, who was so sexy in Fast Times at Ridgemont High, Private School, Gremlins and the TV mini-series Lace. In these clothes, she isn't sexy enough to for Judge Reinhold to "fantasize about."

The editor's of Seventeen may have considered these back to school clothes "HOT," but the only thing that makes them "HOT" is that wearing all those sweaters and tweeds will make a girl sweat like a pig. Hope they wore a whole bottle of Heaven Scent, because Desdinova didn't like it when cute girls smelled bad.


Andrea Le Suer said...

I LOVED this issue and these clothes. I remember this spread like it was yesterday. I loved the brown pleated skirt close to the bottom of the pages you put up. I eventually found that skirt and wore the hell out of it and had it for a long time. Yes, I was seriously into the preppy look when I was in HS - I was into that show The Facts of Life and wanted to go to boarding school even though I was a Black girl in a CA suburb. I remember wanting each and every piece in this particular spread. At this point in my life, it wasn't about looking hot or wanting to be hot for a guy, but about looking like a rich Eastern prep student, I guess. *shrug*

Desdinova said...

Thank you for your comment, Andrea. I'll admit as a guy the appeal of these clothes are lost on me, but I liked reading why you liked it.

Natasha said...

I also remember this particular issue with a living fondness! An appendectomy in June of that year had magically sloughed off the last of my baby fat! Good Heavenly day...I was skinny! For the first time ever clothes shopping was fun.

With my new body came the courage to forgo the mandatory (ie:dictated by the snotty girls)wardrobe of just jeans and a Wrangler shirt from the "Big R". I went for broke pulling all kinds of funky styles. By November, others were following suit.

I was a cowgirl in the plains that dreamed of NYC. Phoebe and the gang at 17 were my window to another world.
This issue and the others from that fall are forever in my memory.

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